Best iPhone Data Recovery Software

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is the Best iPhone Data Recovery Software in the Market

As far as smart devices go, the iPhones are the most exclusive and powerful. They offer robust multi-tasking capabilities. For many users, their iPhones are a competent substitute for PCs and laptops. The bottom line is, a large volume of data is generated by iPhone evangelists every year and they entrust it all to the device memory, the iTunes account or iCloud files.

However when archiving and backup are not done diligently, factors like CPU overheating, virus attack and physical device trauma may end up rendering key information, memories and files inaccessible.

The best iPhone data recovery software, Dr. Fone from Wondershare, is a gold standard solution that is hailed as the best iPhone recovery software in the market. It conducts scans for data in three exhaustive modes giving users the option to save files to a hard disk or reinstate them back to the original phone.


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Before Exploring the Scan Process

A few things need to be kept in mind:

1. Users should initiate a scan as soon as they detect data loss of any kind. Generally if a timely scan can retrieve information from temporary storage files before the information is over-written by data from other applications.

2. An iPhone is not conducive to scanning unless the device is in DFU (Device Firmware Upgrade) mode. In order to activate this state, a precise sequence of actions and steps has to be followed. Dr. Fone offers an animated, instruction screen to facilitate the same.


3.      When an iPhone is connected to a PC or laptop that supports Dr. Fone, there is always a chance of auto-syncing of data between the iTunes account (if it is on the same device as Dr. Fone) and the iPhone. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, users must choose Preferences from the iTunes dashboard, scroll down to Devices and check ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically’.


Mode 1: Recover from iOS Device

Recovering from an iPhone device is difficult without using Dr. Fone. The software however simplifies the process to 5 steps.

1.      Connect the iPhone to a PC or laptop with Dr. Fone installed on it. This connection is established with the help of the USB power cord provided by Apple.

2.      From the home screen of Dr. Fone, choose the first option – Recover from iOS Device. Doing so prompts the application to identify the make and model of the connected device. Once this information is gathered, the green ‘Start Scan’ button appears.


3.      Clicking on ‘Start Scan’ either directly triggers the scan if the iPhone is already in DFU mode. Or it displays the animated instruction screen if that is not the case. This screen expects users to follow the detailed step-by-step guidance to activate DFU.

4.      You can understand that a scan is under-way by taking note of two things:

  • The progress bar with time to completion noted beneath it.
  • The buttons ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ to the right of the progress bar which are used to either halt the scan midway or terminate it before its natural completion.


This screen also has a directory to the left where each node stands for a particular type of data and the numbers next to them reflect the number of files of a data format available for recovery. As the scan is in progress, you can click on these directory nodes to peruse the data that is retrievable and this doesn’t affect the ongoing scan. However, for actual recovery, stopping or pausing the scan is essential.


5.      Once the scan culminates successfully, the display screen comes on. This screen allows you to take note of the final tally of files and items that can be now recovered by you. You can tick appropriate checkboxes to select individual files or data in bulk. The On/Off slider is available for zeroing in on items that are specifically lost due to deletion. The search bar calls up data by keywords. Hitting the blue ‘Recover’ button saves files to the hard disk of the PC or laptop or reinstates them directly to the iPhone – as per your convenience and choice.

Mode 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File

iPhone is a part of the Apple legacy and is the brand’s offline backup provision.

1.      Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone, as described in Step 1 of Mode 1.

2.      From the home screen, select the second option – Recover from iTunes Backup File.


3.      Doing so will bring on a list of backup files in the iTunes account associated with the iPhone and the PC/laptop being used. Meta-data like file name, size and date of creation can help you shortlist the file that has the images, videos, notes, contacts or messages you need to retrieve.

4.      Hitting the ‘Start Scan’ button initiates the process. From here on, the recovery follows the exact sequence discussed in Mode 1.


Mode 3: Recover from iCloud Backup File

The iCloud is the online counterpart of iTunes and a relatively recent addition to the iPhone family. It offers cloud storage space to data from all the Apple devices owned by a client.

1.      Connect the iPhone to the PC or laptop that supports Dr. Fone.

2.      From the home screen, choose the third option – Recover from iCloud Backup File.


3.      This will further prompt you to input your iCloud account login credentials. Doing so is perfectly safe and calls up a list of iCloud backup files.

4.      Choosing the file that is the most likely to contain the required information requires support from meta-data like file name, size and date of creation. Once this selection is done, clicking ‘Download’ leads to the download, extraction and examination of the file.


5.      The following pop-up is convenient because it allows users to choose only particular data types for the scan to focus on. It makes no sense to waste PC resources by examining what is not useful. And it also shortens the net scan time. Hitting ‘Next’ triggers the download and the scan at the end of which data can be saved to a hard disk or reinstated back to the iPhone.



And that is how easy it is to recover data from the best iPhone data recovery software – Dr. Fone from Wondershare.

Recapping the process:

1.      Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone

2.      Choose the desired scan and recovery mode.

3.      Choose the right backup file.

4.      Allow the scan to progress.

5.      Choose and retrieve the needed data.


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