How to Access iCloud Backup

When a device is lost, 57.31% of people are not saddened by the financial implications. They mourn the fact that cherished memories, sensitive data and even official documents are rendered inaccessible.

An iPhone is a powerful tool because it is a hub of data in all formats and this is the reason why storage and backup are such important topics of discussion.

The Two Flavors of Backup

Apple has provided its loyal followers with two ways to backup important information:

  • iTunes which is a part of Apple’s legacy. It is an offline manual archival and backup provision that is immensely popular.


  • The iCloud which is a more recent addition. iCloud designates every user email ID some space in its robust storage servers via an account and in this account backup files (or containers) can be created to ensure data loss doesn’t turn into a catastrophe.


Since the synchronization of files and items can take place online with one touch from the iPhone or iPad interface, it can be concluded that iCloud will, in time, improve the backup habits of people making them more regular.


How to Access iCloud Backup from the Dr. Fone Dashboard

Dr. Fone is an easy to use, intuitive, light weight and fast recovery application that is one of the only solutions in the market capable of conducting deep advanced iPhone scans despite the famous hardware-software integration.


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However a single iOS mode isn’t all that Dr. Fone is about. This app is a lot more. It is capable of downloading, extracting and examining data from both iTunes and iCloud backup files so that diligent backups can be rewarded with more hassle free recovery processes.

Accessing the iCloud backup repository involves gaining access to the iCloud account and there are a few things that should be kept in mind:

1.      All Apple devices of a user send backups and data to the same iCloud account. Hence it is often a little crowded.

2.      For Dr. Fone to gain access into an iCloud account, it is important to have an available broadband connection that can establish the link with Apple’s servers.


Here is how this is accomplished:

1.      Dr. Fone from Wondershare is installed on a PC or laptop that has at least 1 GHz of CPU processing power and 256 MBs of RAM.

2.      Hitting the desktop icon launches the application.

3.      From here on, users are taken to the Home screen. The Home screen is the place where the scan options are listed out. There are three.

The first recovers data from an iOS device, the second requires an iTunes backup file, and the last and third option needs an iCloud backup file for data retrieval. It is the third option – Recover Data from iCloud Backup File – that has to be clicked for the purpose of the tutorial.

4.     Doing this brings on the iCloud account login screen. Here, users are prompted to input their email address (with which the iCloud account is associated) and their password. At this point of time, if a connection to the Internet is ready and available, the user and Dr. Fone gain access to the files area of iCloud.



5.      The only reason why this access might be required is to recover data from the created backup files. The user has to choose the container that is the most likely to hold the needed information. Doing this is possible with the help of qualifying meta-data like file name and size. Then Download is hit to bring up the data category selection pop-up. The backup files are not residing on the computer and have to be fetched from Apple’s servers.

Most of them are sized in GBs and this makes the process lengthy. To avoid this issue, only relevant data types from the chosen file are extracted and examined culminating in retrieval by clicking on the Recover button.




And that is how to access iCloud backup easily through Dr. Fone. It literally takes just a few minutes and the subsequent scan is also very smooth and hassle free. Recapping the process:

  • Launch Dr. Fone independently
  • Choose Recover from iCloud Backup File
  • Input login information and gain access to the iCloud account
  • Select and recover items as needed


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