How to Recover Deleted Videos from iPhone 6

Apple’s closed platform makes it notoriously difficult to recover lost information from the device hardware. And iPhone 6 (with its variants of 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus) is no different. If you have lost important files such as precious videos, what would you do? How to recover deleted videos from iPhone 6?

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is one of the only lightweight and effective software solutions that can scan an iPhone 6 in three extensive modes to recover data. For the purpose of this tutorial, we will focus on the process of retrieving video data, that has been accidentally deleted, back to the smartphone.

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For a Dr. Fone scan to be successful, first and foremost, the video files that have been deleted should not be overwritten by new information due to continued use of the device. As soon as the loss is detected, users should refrain from launching new applications or starting new processes and should initiate recovery as soon as possible.


1.     The iTunes auto-synchronization has to be disabled when scanning the device body for recoverable video files. This can be done by choosing the Preferences option, scrolling down and clicking on Devices and then ticking the checkbox next to ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically’.


2.     The iPhone 6 needs to be in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) mode to ensure the completion of the scanning process. Do not know how to operate in this mode? Dr. Fone offers a detailed, illustrated guidance screen that walks you through all the steps. Please pay close attention to the time durations and the exact sequence shown.





The very first option (and also the trickiest to initiate without Dr. Fone!), recovery from the iOS device, requires the user to connect it to a PC or laptop with Dr. Fone installed on it through the given USB cable.


1.     Dr. Fone identifies the connected device as an iPhone 6 (or its variants) and greets the user with the following screen. Clicking on ‘Start Scan’ either initiates scan right away or requests that the phone be put in DFU mode. The process for it has been shared above.




2.     As the scan is underway, a progress bar noting the time required to completion is displayed. The user has the option of using the two buttons – ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ to either halt the scan midway or terminate it prematurely to recover video files on the fly. The recover button can’t be clicked as long as a scan is active.


The directory that appears to the left has a large number of nodes. Each node corresponds to one data format (image, video, text message or word document) that is found on the device and can be recovered through the use of Dr. Fone’s scan technology. The numbers corresponding to the nodes keep increasing for the entire duration of the scan and become static when it ends.


3.     When the scan culminates, a display screen comes on. This screen provides users the flexibility to choose individual video files by ticking the checkboxes next to them. The search bar to the extreme right calls up files by either keywords or file name. Once all the needed clips are selected, hitting the blue ‘Recover’ button completes the retrieval process.



Dr. Fone has two options. Users can either reinstate the video files directly to the connected iPhone 6 device or they can save them to the hard disk of the PC or laptop. Both are easy and accomplished in the click of a button.





iTunes is the offline backup mechanism of Apple that has been in use ever since the inception of the iPhone. Since the back-up files are stored on the PC or laptop in the iTunes account, there is no need to connect either to the Internet or to the physical device.


1.     Launch Dr.Fone and choose the option ‘Recover from iTunes Backup File’.


2.     This brings up a list from which users must select the appropriate backup file for extraction and examination. Clicking on the green ‘Start Scan’ button initiates the scanning process.



3.     Once the scan completes, a screen identical to the one presented in step 3 of the first mode greets the users. They can tick the video files needed and recover them to either the iPhone 6 device or save them to the PC that supports the Dr. Fone software.






iCloud is the online counterpart of the iTunes account. It is connected to a specific email address (user ID) and users must share the space in the account between all the Apple devices that they own.

Restoring videos from an iCloud backup file requires the file to be downloaded from the account and thus an Internet connection is needed.


1.     As soon as the third option ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’ is clicked, the screen prompts the input of the login credentials.




2.     From the list, users must then choose and download the file that is the most likely to contain the deleted video data. Clicking on ‘Download’ calls up a dialogue box.



3.     This dialogue box asks the users to choose the data type or format that they wish to recover files in. This is important because a single backup file may be quite large and downloading images, text and documents when only video clips are needed is a waste of time and processing power. The correct option in this case is App Videos. Clicking ‘Next’ starts the scan.



4.     As soon as the scan terminates, the same display screen that is presented in modes 1 and 2 greets users. Retrieval is again possible to both the iPhone 6 device or to the computer where the program is installed.


Please note that the directory here displays only one node – App Videos, since the selection for the data type to be recovered has already been made in Step 3.


Dr. Fone makes video retrieval a breeze! Let us recap the steps how to recover deleted videos from iPhone 6:

  • Choose the recovery mode that is the most convenient and feasible for you.
  • If you go with Mode 1, connect the iPhone 6 to the PC or laptop with Dr. Fone installed on it.
  • For Mode 2 and Mode 3, select the appropriate backup files.
  • Allow the scan to proceed and upon completion, choose and recover the clips that are needed.


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