How To Undelete Files on Mac

Worry no more if you are looking for ways how to undelete files on Mac. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is the best solution for that. It is a powerful tool that safely and efficiently restores everything you lost on your Mac. In just a few clicks, you can undelete files that you have mistakenly moved to trash or those that were lost due to data corruption, crashed hard drive, virus infection, accidental formatting or power interruption. Apart from being effective, the software is also user friendly. It has a simple and easy to navigate graphical user interface. Anyone can perform Mac data recovery without needing further technical assistance.



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How to Undelete Files on Mac in 6 Easy Steps

Outlined below are detailed instructions how to easily use the software and perform data recovery in a few steps.

STEP 1. Download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. Drag its icon towards to the Applications folder.


STEP 2. Double-click to launch the software. This window will then appear. Hit ‘Recover Data’ to get started.


STEP 3.  The software has five recovery options – Drive Recovery, Photo Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery, iPod Recovery, and Raw Recovery. Select whichever is applicable in your case.

We’ll proceed with ‘Drive Recovery’ since we are to search the entire drive to undelete files.


Under the Drive Recovery option, you will have to choose which scan method you will use. The steps are somewhat the same for each method. In this case, we will go with Deleted Recovery. This method recovers data files that have been deleted.


STEP 4.  The software will now begin to undelete files on your Mac. Select from which drive it will scan and locate those files. After selection has been made, click the ‘Scan’ button found at the bottom right.


STEP 5. Scanning will now be in progress. Those deleted files you thought were permanently gone will begin to show up. Click the ‘Recover’ button once scan is complete.


STEP 6. The result of your scan will appear on this window. They can be viewed as

  • Classic List – files and folders are listed as they are found on the hard drive.
  • File List – files and folders are sorted by file types such as photo, video, audio, document, text, applications, etc.
  • Filter List – where you can see list of scanned files and folders of your choice and recover them by specifying certain criteria.


You can also use the search bar found at the upper right if you are only after a particular file – just type its file name and run a search.


Once you have decided which file/s you wish to restore, simply right-click. For multiple files, you can select and click them all at once. The software actually allows you to ‘QuickLook’ or preview it first prior to recovering or you can just proceed right away by choosing ‘Recover’.


This would be all. Six easy-to-follow steps and you’re done. The software’s simplicity coupled with its ability to perform different recovery options helps you make the most of this data recovery application. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software will certainly undelete and bring back your lost Mac files to life in a breeze. Do check it out now and start recovering your deleted files today.



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