Mac Data Recovery

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is your go-to software if you wish to recover important files on your Mac that you have accidentally or mistakenly deleted. This Mac Data Recovery software is safe and very easy to use because of its straightforward graphical user interface; but simple as it is, it’s packed with advanced recovery features to suit a broad spectrum of Mac users. It can retrieve lost data from the following:

  • iMac
  • Macbook Pro
  • Macbook Air
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro


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You can see below a detailed guide how to use the software and recover deleted data from your Mac in just a few clicks. So worry no more if your Mac files are lost or became inaccessible due to a system crash, virus infections, network/power interruptions, media formatting, or other similar issues. Simply follow the outlined instructions and they will be brought back to life in minutes.

STEP 1. Download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. After download is complete, drag it over to the Applications folder.


STEP 2. Look for the software’s icon in the Applications folder. Double-click it and select ‘Recover Data’ to get started.


STEP 3.  There will be five options how you want to recover data:

  • Drive Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • iPod Recovery
  • Raw Recovery

By default, Drive Recovery tab is selected. We’ll go with this as an example since we will be looking for lost and deleted data on the entire drive. Under this recovery option, you will have to select which scan method you prefer. The fastest way would be ‘Quick Recovery’.  We’ll choose this one. Anyway, the steps for each method are pretty much the same.


STEP 4. Your Mac volume drives will then appear. Select from which drive the software will scan for deleted files. Afterwhich, click the ‘Scan’ button found at the bottom right after you made your selection.


STEP 5. As seen here, scanning is now in progress. The software is efficiently scanning the entire drive for deleted files. Once the scan is finished, just click the ‘Recover’ button below.


STEP 6. The next window will now show all the deleted files the software was able to retrieve. The scanned result can be viewed as follows:

  • Classic List –files/folders are shown as they are viewed in the hard disk.
  • File List –files/folders are sorted according to their file type (audio, video, photos, document, applications etc.)
  • Filter List – you can see list of file types according to the preferences (file size, type, created date etc.) you’ve set.


Select which view you prefer.

You can also utilize the search bar found at the upper right if you are only looking for one particular file. Just type its file name and run a search.


If you have already found and decided which file you wish to restore, simply right-click it. For multiple files, you can select them all at once. You can preview them first before recovering through ‘QuickLook’ or directly proceed by clicking ‘Recover’. Recovered files and folders are now saved at your specified location.

This would be all – six simple steps to successfully perform Mac data recovery. As you can see, Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is easy to navigate that even those without technical know-how would be able to use it without needing further assistance. Do check it out now and start recovering those deleted files on your Mac before they’d be permanently gone.



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