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Easy to Use Mac File Recovery Software

You came to the right place if you are looking for a reliable and effective Mac file recovery software. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is a tried-and-tested recovery tool that safely retrieves lost data files from:

  • iMac
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro


Worry no more if you have mistakenly deleted your Mac files or it was gone due to virus infection, media formatting, system crash or unexpected power failure because this software will bring back your lost Mac files quickly and easily.


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6 Steps for a Complete Mac File Recovery

Below is a detailed guide how to perform Mac file recovery using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. It is easy to follow because of the software’s simple graphical user interface. Anyone can actually use it without needing any further technical assistance.

STEP 1. Download the software. Once complete, drag its icon to the Applications folder.


STEP 2. Look for Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery in the Applications folder. Double-click on it and choose ‘Recover Data’ to get started.


STEP 3.  There will be five recovery options to choose from – Drive Recovery, Photo Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery, iPod Recovery, and Raw Recovery.

As an example, we will proceed with ‘Drive Recovery’ because we are to recover data from a drive.


You will then be asked which scan method you prefer. The steps for each method are all the same. Let’s go ahead with ‘Quick Recovery’. This method is the fastest way of recovering data from your Mac.  You can always choose this method in cases where you want to retrieve lost data fast by scanning an entire drive.

STEP 4.  Select from which drive the software will scan then click the ‘Scan’ button at the bottom right.


STEP 5. You can see here that the software is scanning your drive for deleted files. Click the ‘Recover’ button once the scan is finished.


STEP 6. Scan results can be seen in three types of views:

  • Classic List – files/folders are listed as they are found on the hard drive
  • File List – files/folders are listed by their types such as photo, video, audio, text, application, etc.
  • Filter List – you can see list of file types according to the preference you’ve set


If you are just after a particular file, run a search by typing its file name.


Once you are able to identify the file/s you wish to recover, just click on it and you can either preview them first through ‘QuickLook’ or retrieve it right away by choosing ‘Recover’. Do note that you can select multiple files at once.

6 simple steps and you’re done! Deleted files on your Mac (that you thought were permanently gone) are now safely restored in a few clicks. It’s time to check out Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software and start performing Mac file recovery today. As you can see, the software is relatively easy to use. It is a powerful Mac data recovery application which provides a good balance of simplicity yet packed with advanced recovery features. Try it now!

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