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You came to the right place if you are looking for an effective Mac photo recovery software. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is a powerful recovery tool that safely brings your lost photos back to life. Even if you can no longer view the files or have emptied your Trash, this software makes it possible to undo file delete operations so you can still recover those precious photos you thought were permanently gone.


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Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is by far the best Mac photo recovery software today. It is very easy to use with its simple graphical user interface yet packed with advanced recovery features thus you can restore your deleted photos fast and easy.

Below is a step-by-step instruction how to use the software on your Mac.


STEP 1. Download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. Drag its icon over to the Applications folder once download is complete.



STEP 2. Look for the software’s icon in the Applications folder. Double-click to launch then select ‘Recover Data’ to get started.


STEP 3.  There will be five recovery options to choose from:

  • Drive Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • iPod Recovery
  • Raw Recovery


In our case, we will proceed with Photo Recovery.



STEP 4. In the next window, all your Mac hard drives will appear. Select from which drive the software will scan for deleted photos. Drive information is seen on the right. Click the blue ‘Scan’ button at the bottom after you have made your selection.



STEP 5. The software will now begin to deep scan your selected drive to search for deleted photos. You can see its progress here. After the scan process, click the ‘Recover’ button found at the lower right.



STEP 6. You can see here the scan results. These are all the retrievable files the software was able to locate from your hard drive. They are listed as follows:

  • Classic List – in this view, files and folders are shown exactly as they are viewed on the hard disk.
  • File List – this view lists files and folders grouped according to their file types: photos, video, audio, document, text, etc.
  • Filter List – you can see from this list file types according to the preferences you’ve set such as file size, date creation etc.


You can also make use of the search bar if you are only after a particular file. Just type its file name and run a search.


After you have found which photos you wish to recover, select and right-click the files (for multiple files, you can select them all at once). Do note that, prior to recovering, you can actually preview the file/s first through ‘QuickLook’ so you can be sure you will be retrieving the correct ones. After which, choose ‘Recover’ to proceed.

Your photos are now safely recovered and saved at your specified location.


As you can see, the software is easy to navigate that even those without technical know-how can solely perform the outlined steps. You don’t have to worry about your lost, deleted or formatted photos anymore. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery is your go-to software for Mac photo recovery. Check it out!



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