Memory Card Recovery on Mac

A memory card is a small data storage device usually used in mobile phones, video game consoles, and digital cameras to store files such as saved games, photos and videos among others. There will be times though that important data stored in your memory card can no longer be accessed due to malware infection, media formatting, and accidental deletion. Don’t fret. You can still retrieve your lost files with Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. This powerful memory card recovery on Mac tool deep scans your memory card for deleted files and safely recovers them in just a few clicks.


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Memory Card Recovery on a Mac in Minutes

Below is a detailed guide how you can successfully perform memory card recovery on Mac computer or laptop using Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. The instructions are pretty straightforward as the software has a simple graphical user interface.

STEP 1. Download Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software. Once download is complete and all files are unzipped, drag its icon to the Applications folder.


STEP 2. Once moved to the Applications folder, launch the software by double-clicking it. Hit ‘Recover Data’ to get started.


STEP 3. This is the default screen after clicking ‘Recover Data’. There will be five recovery options to choose from:

  • Drive Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • iPod Recovery
  • Raw Recovery

Since we are looking for lost files from a memory card (external drive), ‘Drive Recovery’ should be selected. For the scan method, we will proceed with ‘Formatted Media/Lost File Recovery’.


STEP 4. Your Mac’s internal and external drives will appear in this window. Choose from which drive the software will scan for deleted files. Information on each drive can be seen on the right. After selection has been made, click the blue ‘Scan’ button found at the bottom.


STEP 5. Scanning is in progress. Click the ‘Recover’ button at the bottom right after the scan is complete.


STEP 6. You can now view the scan results here. Retrieved files are sorted accordingly for easier viewing. Just select your preferred list how you want to view them. Classic List shows files and folders in the same way as they are found in your drive, File List groups files according to their file types (photos, audio, video, text, documents, etc.), while Filter List arranges files according to the preferences you’ve set.

If you are only after a specific file, you can make use of the search bar found at the upper right. Run a search by typing the file name.

Now click on the file or set of files you wish to recover. For multiple files, you may highlight them all at once. Do note that prior to recovering, you can actually do a ‘QuickLook’ first to preview the file. Otherwise, simply proceed by clicking ‘Recover’.


And this covers all the steps how to use Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software if you’re going to perform memory card recovery on Mac. As you can see, the software is user friendly and very easy to navigate. Anyone can do Mac data recovery without needing further technical assistance. So worry no more if something happens to your memory card. You can still get those lost files back. Have that peace of mind. Download this software today.


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