Recover a Deleted Partition

How to Recover a Deleted Partition on a Windows Computer

Have you recently deleted a partition on your hard drive? Are you scrambling to find out how this data can be regained? Even a deleted partition can be salvaged when the appropriate tool is available. When a partition is deleted on a drive, it is not just gone. Essentially the operating system is unable to locate that partition and the data still resides on it. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home is a utility designed to aid in locating and regaining a deleted partition on a local or external drive.


How does this work, you might ask? How can you actually recover a deleted partition? The utility can perform a search for the lost or deleted volume on the disk. Once the volume has been located, it will then be added to the list of drive recovery options. This allows the volume to be selected for scanning and data retrieval. After the deleted partition has been located by the utility, you’ll be able to do the following:


  • Scan the volume for retrievable data.
  • Restore the entire partition.
  • Preview scan results.
  • Make custom recovery selections.
  • Save the data to a desired location.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery provides the option to perform a quick or deep scan of the located partition. After scanning has completed, you will be able to search for specific files, change the file categorization, make custom selections, and even regain the entire partition. To get started, you must first download the utility, install it on your PC, and open the application. If you will be recovering an external storage media partition, be certain to connect it to your PC.

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Locating and Regaining Your Deleted Partition


To begin, first make certain the right version has been installed for the PC and then open the application. It will appear as shown below when it is opened on any Windows computer.


Step 1: Select a Drive for Locating the Deleted Volume. In some instances, the deleted volume will not automatically appear as a Drive Recovery selection. Before you can scan the deleted volume, you will first need to use the utility to search for it. Use the ‘Click Here to Search Lost Volumes’ option located below the Drive Recovery selections to do so.

recover partition


After which, select a hard drive to use for locating the deleted volume (partition) by clicking on it within the list. The selected drive will have a blue background, as displayed below:

recover deleted partition


  • This same process may be performed to regain a deleted volume on an external drive. The drive will need to be connected to the computer before starting the tutorial.
  • If the deleted volume appears as a drive recovery selection, you may skip forward to Step 3.


Step 2: Start the Search for Deleted/Lost Volumes. Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery is able to search a hard drive for any lost or deleted volumes. In some cases, the volume will not appear immediately in the recovery list. In the right panel, you will need to select a search option (Quick or Deep) and then click on Search Lost Volume.




Windows Data Recovery will then need a few minutes to locate any deleted or lost volumes on the selected drive. You will see a progress bar below the Searched Volume section, as shown below.


A Minimize to Task Bar is provided and can be used to perform other tasks while this process completes. A button is also provided for aborting the search if needed; it resides to the right of the progress bar. Located partitions will appear in the Searched Volume section.



Note: If the Quick search does not locate the deleted partition, try performing a Deep search.


Step 3: Initiate a Recovery Scan for the Partition. Any partition located during the search will then be added as a Drive Recovery selection. Click on the partition in the list to select it for scanning.



Then choose a Scan Type (Normal or Advanced) and click on Scan Now in the right panel. For this tutorial, we will be performing a Normal Scan.



Step 4: Select Items to Recover. The scan will detect any files on the deleted partition that can be retrieved. Once it is finished, you will be able to preview files, select the entire partition for recovery, or make custom selections. To make this easier, first click on the File Type List tab to organize the scan results by type rather than location.



To recover a deleted partition entirely, tick the checkbox next to File Type(s) and all files on the partition will be chosen for recovery.



If you would rather recover only certain types, formats, or files from the deleted partition, use the tree view to expand each folder. You may select specific types like Text or Photos. Or, click on a format folder such as txt, doc, or xml to make individual selections on the right side of the screen. If the tree view shows a solid colored box, then custom selections have been made. A checkmark next to a folder within the tree view indicates that everything has been selected.



Step 5: Click on Recover Icon (Disk Icon). The recovery will not be finished until you initiate it in the application. After choosing the entire partition or specific files, you will need to click on Recover (disk icon) then choose a save location for the data. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery will do the rest.




If you deleted a partition on your hard drive, an external drive, or even a thumb drive, it’s easy to get this data back if you install Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery – Home Edition. As shown in the tutorial above, it only takes a few minutes to locate the volume and recover a deleted partition. Just complete the steps outlined below:


1.    Select a drive for locating the deleted volume.

2.    Start the search for deleted/lost volumes.

3.    Initiate a recovery scan for the partition.

4.    Select items to recover.

5.    Click on Recover (disk icon).


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