Recover Deleted Excel Spreadsheet

Recover Deleted Excel Spreadsheet (XLS) from Your Computer’s Hard Drive


Does a recent Excel spreadsheet deletion or loss have you scrambling to track down important information? If you cannot find an older file or the information on paper, what are your options? It might be easy to assume that the data is just gone and irretrievable; however, the data can be regained with a dependable recovery application.


A recovery tool scans the physical drive or external storage media to locate this information. Essentially, the tool can find any files still residing on the physical storage sector of the drive. The operating system cannot do this because the address information needed to display the file has been removed. Without a recovery tool, getting deleted Excel spreadsheets back will be a difficult task.


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition makes the worry of a lost or deleted Excel spreadsheet a quick fix. With it, you can scan for recoverable data, choose what files to recover, and save them right to the computer or an external storage media such as a USB drive. The tool tracks down the file based on where it is physically stored. It then displays the scan results in a user-friendly interface where you can:

  • Preview located files
  • Make custom selections
  • Change the file organization
  • Search for specific files
  • Restore one or several file types
  • Regain selected formats or specific files



With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition, to recover deleted Excel spreadsheet or other types of files only takes a few minutes. You can restore the entire drive or make custom selections. The utility provides additional options for choosing your files including the ability to only recover certain formats like Excel spreadsheets (.xls).


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Retrieve Spreadsheets in Minutes!

The first step involves completing the install on a Windows computer. If you will be scanning an external drive or other type of storage media, it will need to be connected to the computer as well. Then complete this tutorial to recoup your Excel spreadsheets.


Step 1: Select the Local Drive (C:\). Since an Excel spreadsheet or XLS file can be stored in more than one location, this tutorial will show how to recover these items from your local hard drive.


If the files are saved on external storage media such as a USB drive, you will need to select that drive in this first step. For this example, simply click on the C:\ drive to begin.



Step 2: Scan Your Local Drive for Files. A scan will need to be completed to locate and display any files on the drive that are recoverable by the utility. The scan can be a normal or an advanced scan.


For a simple task like recovering deleted Excel spreadsheets, you typically only need to perform a Normal Scan. In the right panel, tick this radial and then Scan Now to start scanning for the files.



The utility will need a few minutes to complete the scan. If for some reason the scan needs to be aborted, click on the red circle and X next to the progress bar. As scanning takes place, folders will begin to appear in the tree view on the left of the utility window.



Step 3: Mark Spreadsheets for Recovery. Windows Data Recovery provides the option to recover deleted Excel spreadsheet (all XLS files) or to make custom file selections. When the scan has finished, you will be presented with the Classic View. This view makes it hard to find XLS files. Click on File Type List instead to organize the results by type and format.



To recover every Excel spreadsheet located by the scan, you will need to expand the Documents folder in the tree view and then click on the checkbox for the XLS and/or XLSX format.


Tip: To choose individual files, you will need to expand the Documents folder and click on the XLS or XLSX format folder. Tick the checkbox for each Excel spreadsheet you wish to recover. Once all files have been selected, continue to Step 4 of this tutorial.


Step 4: Reclaim Your Excel Spreadsheets. Next, click on the floppy disk icon to complete the recovery. Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition will need you to choose a save location for the files. Once this has been done, the utility will finish recovering the selected files to the configured save location.



With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition, you can regain as many files as you need, retrieve all Excel files, or simply recover the entire drive. The scan results are displayed prior to recovery to ensure you can pick and choose the right files.


Additional options are provided for locating hard to find data, searching for lost volumes, and more. To quickly recover deleted Excel spreadsheet on your computer’s hard drive, just complete these steps using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery on your computer:


1.    Select the local drive (C:\).

2.    Scan the drive for files.

3.    Mark spreadsheets for recovery.

4.    Recover deleted Excel spreadsheet.



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