Recover Deleted Hard Drive Data

Recover Deleted Hard Drive Data From Your PC in Minutes


A PC’s hard drive stores every file, setting, and application you use on the computer. It is essentially physical storage with one or more volumes where data is saved and overwritten as needed. The storage system can be one of several including NTFS, FAT, or ExFAT depending on how the drive has been formatted. As files are deleted from the drive, the address used by the operating system is removed. This makes it impossible for Windows to locate the file and open it on your computer. However, the file remains on the drive until new data needs the location where it is physically stored.


This means that anything removed from the hard drive can still be retrieved for a period of time. Quick recovery is critical because every change has the potential of overwriting the data. With a dependable piece of software, you can recover deleted hard drive data in only a few minutes before it disappears forever! Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition is the best option for retrieving deleted data from your hard drive.


With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, you can scan a selected volume or multiple volumes to locate the files. The scan results may be viewed prior to finishing the recovery and stored to a desired location. It can be used to do the following:

  • Regain over 300 types of files
  • Scan in excess of 2 terabytes of data
  • Complete advanced recovery
  • Scan multiple volumes on the drive
  • Locate lost or deleted drive volumes
  • Scan multiple types of file systems (NTFS, FAT, etc.)


Once the scan has completed, you will have the opportunity to preview located files and restore everything on the drive or custom selected files. Using Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition, it is a snap to locate and recover deleted hard drive data, whether it is a simple deletion or data loss due to corruption or reformatting. To begin using the program, install it first on your PC, open the application, and then follow the tutorial below.


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4 Steps for Regaining Your Drive Data

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition is easy to use and provides several options for recovering data. After it has been installed, you will be able to scan local volumes or connected external storage media such as a USB or flash drive. This guide will show how to scan a volume on your PC hard drive and then recover all or custom file selections.


Step 1: Choose What You Want to Scan. The utility will list any detected volumes automatically underneath Drive Recovery. It will show the drive location, type, file system, and size for each volume in the list. Click on a volume to select it for scanning.



Step 2: Scan for Data. Windows Data Recovery will scan one or more volumes to locate files. Once a volume has been chosen, you will see the option for choosing the type of scan and starting this process. A Normal Scan can be used for a single volume.


If you need to scan multiple volumes at the same time, then the Advanced Scan is recommended. It can also be used when the Normal Scan does not find your files. Click the radial next to the appropriate scan type before clicking on Scan Now. This tutorial shows how to complete a Normal Scan.



As scanning takes place, the tree on the left will begin to populate with folders. A progress bar can be viewed on the right and an ‘abort scan’ button (X) is provided for stopping the scan. Please wait patiently for the scan to finish.



Step 3: Make Your File Selections. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery defaults to the Classic View, which displays files based on where they are physically stored. This can be confusing when you need to select specific deleted hard drive data. Instead, select the File List View by clicking on the appropriate tab at the top of the tree.



The File List View will display file types including Graphics & Photos, Documents, Audio, and Video. Each folder can be expanded to see available formats. For example, if you expand Graphics & Photos, you will see several other folders for gif, jpg, bmp, and so on.



To recover all data from the chosen volume, just tick the checkbox to the left of File Type(s), then click on the Recover icon in the bottom right corner of the utility.



If custom selections need to be made or you simply want to view the results, first click on a folder in the left panel to expand it. Tick the checkbox next to one or more formats. You may also select an entire type such as Videos by checking its box in the left panel.



If you click on a format folder in the tree view, every file for that format will be displayed on the right. Here you may check individual files for recovery and even preview the file in the top right corner by clicking on it. In the provided example, several files have been chosen in Graphics & Photos > gif.



Step 4: Compete Deleted Hard Drive Data Recovery. Finally, use the Recover icon to finish retrieving the chosen files or data. This icon appears as a red floppy disk when files have been chosen. Just click on it and then choose a location for the data to be saved. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition will safely tuck the files away in the configured save location.




With Windows Data Recovery, you can recover the entire deleted hard drive or only certain files. It is an easy solution when the Windows operating system cannot locate the files you need, whether the entire drive was deleted due to corruption, reformatting, or other unexpected causes. All you need to do is install Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition and then complete the following steps:


1.    Choose what you want to scan.

2.    Scan for data.

3.    Make your file selections.

4.    Recover deleted hard drive data.



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