Recover Deleted Text Message iPhone

How to Recover Deleted Text Messages from iPhone

The first short message service (SMS) was sent in 1992 and there was no turning back for the mobile-addicted population since then. People have always loved them!

But the question to ask right now is, with several messaging platforms bombarding users left and right, are good old SMS holding on to their popularity? The answer is – yes! The engagement rate of text messages is a whopping 90%. When you SMS someone, you get their attention. Right away!

So it is no wonder that when a text message gets accidentally deleted, it is desperation time. You have to recover deleted text message iPhone ASAP.

With iPhones, they are undoubtedly wonderful smart devices. Apple manufactures both hardware and the software that makes them tick providing unparalleled ease of use and intuitiveness. But this ‘closed’ set up of the iOS makes it notoriously difficult to probe the device and recover lost data like text messages.

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is one of the only applications in the market capable of conducting an exhaustive scan of an iPhone body, iTunes backup files and the iCloud account from one dashboard to ensure retrieval of text messages containing important information. Read on to find out how.

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Two Things to Keep in Mind:

1.     For successful scans to happen, the iPhone device must be connected to a PC or laptop with Dr. Fone installed on it. It has to be in Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU) Mode. In order to help users reach this mode, Dr. Fone provides an illustrated screen with step-by-step instructions. Just ensure that you follow along and pay heed to the timings.


2.     When you connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone, make sure that the auto sync function of iTunes is deactivated. This can be done by choosing Preferences > Devices and then ticking the box next to ‘Prevent iPods, iPhones, and iPads from syncing automatically’.

In general, please keep in mind that the faster you initiate a scan for data recovery, the higher are the chances to recover deleted text message iPhone.

Mode 1: Recover from iOS Device

Dr. Fone supports all the models of iPhone including the iPhone 4, iPhone 5 and iPhone 6 along with its variants. Here’s how to recover SMS from the device body.

1.     Connect the iPhone to a computer where Dr. Fone’s installed through its cable.

2.     As soon as this is done, Dr. Fone identifies the iPhone model and greets you with the welcome screen that looks like this.


3.     If your device is already in DFU mode (as discussed in the previous section), you can click the ‘Start Scan’ button. If it isn’t, then the animated instruction screen comes on.

4.     Once the set-up enters the scan and the process is underway, you can see a progress bar that takes note of the time to completion. The ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ buttons are used to either cease the scan halfway or dismiss it prematurely.

Please note that the directory to the left has nodes, each standing for one particular data type. As the scan proceeds, the numbers next to these nodes increase to reflect the final number of files of that particular format available for recovery.


5.     When the scan ends, you can now fully examine the files on each node. In the example shown below, text messages are displayed. They can be chosen individually or in bulk using its corresponding checkboxes. The search bar to the upper right is used to call up SMS by recipient name.


Since this tutorial deals with how to recover deleted text message iPhone, the highlighted slider should be turned ‘On’ to only show SMS that have been deleted. Select the messages you’d like to retrieve and then hit the ‘Recover’ button. This opens the dialogue box that allows users to save the text messages as HTML files to the PC or laptop or reinstate everything back to the iPhone.


Mode 2: Recover from iTunes Backup File

Mode 2 works really well if users are diligent about taking manual backups!

1.     Launch Dr. Fone and choose the second option – Recover from iTunes Backup File.

2.     Once done, a list of all the backups that are stored in the iTunes account is displayed. Each list item has helpful meta-data like date of creation and file name. This can help narrow down the choice to the correct backup file. Upon selection, click on the ‘Start Scan’ button to initiate the process.


3.     After the data is extracted and examined, a screen which is a copy of the screen shown in Step 5 of Mode 1 greets users. They can again select text messages piecewise or in bulk, filter to view only deleted items, and search for files by recipient name. Clicking on the ‘Recover’ button saves the messages to the hard disk of the computer or back to the device.


Mode 3: Recover from iCloud Backup File

Here’s how to recover deleted text message iPhone using your iCloud backup.

1.     Launch Dr. Fone and choose Recover from iCloud Backup File.

2.     Input your iCloud account credentials.


3.     From the displayed list of backup files, choose the right one and click on the ‘Download’ button.


4.     From the pop-up, tick the data type that you are looking to recover. In this case, it will be Messages. This cuts down the time taken to download the information from the iCloud backup file.


5.     Start the scan by hitting the ‘Next’ button.

6.     Once the backup file is extracted and the files examined, you can now choose the messages that are needed and use the ‘Recover’ button to save it to the computer or reinstate them back to the device.


And that’s it. Three modes and the maximum probability of recovery success! Recapping the process:

  • Choose the mode you want to use.
  • Connect the iPhone to Dr. Fone.
  • Select the backup file, if required.
  • Allow the scan to end.
  • Recover files to the PC or to the device.

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