Recover Trash on Mac

If you have already cleared your Mac’s trash (thinking you won’t be needing those deleted files anymore) or have accidentally clicked ‘empty trash’, don’t worry because you can still undo your action and recover trash on Mac in a few steps.

What happens when we empty our trash bin is that – yes, we lose access to that particular file/s but they just actually sit in our system until they are overwritten. They are still present in the hard drive, so as long as no new data overwrites the deleted files, we have better chances of recovering our emptied Mac trash.

Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software is a great tool to perform this type of recovery. In just a few clicks, you can undelete all important files and folders even after emptying the trash or ‘Command+Shift+Option+Delete’ has been clicked.



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Outlined below is a step-by-step guide to recover trash on Mac so you can follow closely.

STEP 1.  After you have successfully downloaded the software, drag it to the Applications folder.


STEP 2. Launch Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery by double-clicking it then click on ‘Recover Data’ to start retrieving deleted files.


STEP 3. You will have to select from these options to recover data – Drive Recovery, Photo Recovery, CD/DVD Recovery, iPod Recovery or Raw Recovery.

In our case, because we are looking to recover our emptied trash, then ‘Drive Recovery’ should be selected. For the scan method, choose ‘Deleted Recovery’.


STEP 4. Under Volume(s), choose from which drive the software will scan then click the ‘Scan’ button found at the bottom right.


STEP 5. Scanning is in progress and you can see your deleted files and folders being recovered.


STEP 6. After the scan is done, your files will appear one by one. You can either preview them first through ‘QuickLook’ or proceed right away by clicking ‘Recover’ as well as hitting the recover button located at the bottom right. You can also select multiple files all at once.

For easier viewing, your deleted files are sorted accordingly. There’s the Classic List showing files as they are found in the disk, the File List which arranges the files according to file types (as shown below), and Filter List showing files according to the preference you’ve set.

If you are just looking for one particular file, you can make use of the search bar by typing the file name.


6 simple steps and you are done! Mac files emptied from the trash are now safely recovered. As you can see, this software is user friendly; you can perform data recovery without further technical assistance needed. So start retrieving those important files you have accidentally deleted before they are permanently gone. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery software will do the work for you.


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