Restore iPad from iCloud

Restore iPad from iCloud with Dr. Fone from Wondershare

iPads being popular would be an understatement. With their large screens, great resolution, firm grip and the ability to provide users with an Apple experience that is more immersive and user friendly than the rather restricted view of iPhones, they are hubs of data storage.

But what happens when a file is accidentally deleted or the processor gets overheated because of continuous multi-tasking and virus corruption? The result is data inaccessibility.

Under such circumstances, users have three options to recover their valuable information from.

1.      They can scan the iOS hardware (device body) of the iPad and retrieve their files from it.

2.      They can connect the iPad to their iTunes account and recover the information manually.

3.      They can tap the backup files of the iCloud platform and reinstate data that they have lost.

Over this tutorial we will deal with the last option – Recovery from an iCloud account backup file with a light weight and effective application that facilitates all the three modes from a single user-friendly dashboard.

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is a one of a kind software solution that makes data recovery to an iPad child’s play!

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Know the iCloud

Before using iCloud to recover data, it is important to know a couple of things about it:

  • iCloud, as the name suggests, is a cloud storage platform. Thus all the information that is backed up to an iCloud account doesn’t reside in the hard disk of your laptop or computer. It is securely stored in Apple’s servers.


  • Any recovery mode that involves iCloud thus requires the actual download of the iCloud backup file (or zipped container) and then the subsequent extraction and examination. This is the reason why an active Internet connection is necessary to the success of the process.


iCloud was introduced with the iPhone 6 and its variants and is found in the iPad Air and iPad Pro as well. Since it is an online provision, it is easier to leverage and users are more favorably disposed to diligent storage, backup and archiving.

Recover from iCloud Backup File

If you wish to restore iPad from iCloud, a connection has to be established between Dr. Fone and the iPad. This is done through the USB power cord that is provided by Apple.

1.      After ensuring that the recovered data can be reinstated directly to the iPad, users then need to launch Dr. Fone and choose the third option – Recover from iCloud Backup file from the navigation of the home screen.

2.      This prompts users to input the iCloud login credentials of the iCloud account which stores backup files for all Apple devices owned by an individual.


3.      Once Dr. Fone can access the zipped containers in the iCloud account, users are presented with a list of all the available iCloud backup files. Using meta-data like name of file, file size and date of creation, the container that is the most likely to hold the needed items is selected and the ‘Download’ button next to it clicked to facilitate the extraction of the contents for the scan process.


4.      Hitting Download brings up a dialogue box that allows users to choose the data format that Dr. Fone should focus on for the duration of the scan. For example, if only images have to be reinstated to the connected iPad, users can tick the options Camera Roll and App Photos. This will shorten the scan time and will conserve the PC/laptop’s processing power. Clicking ‘Next’, the actual scan is initiated.



5.      A scan is characterized by two things, the progress bar that is an indication of the time to completion and the ‘Pause’ and ‘Stop’ buttons that are used to halt the scan midway or terminate it before completion.  They come in handy because users can peruse the files of the data format chosen in Step 4 from the directory or tree to the left in real time. While doing this, if items of particular importance are discovered, they can be recovered right away without needing to go through the whole scan.

Once the scan is over, users can go through the display screen selecting data in bulk, call up files by name or keywords with the search bar and even narrow the data down to items lost due to deletions with the On/Off slider. The blue ‘Recover’ button gives people the option of saving the data to the computer supporting Dr. Fone or direct reinstatement to the iPad.



And that is how one can easily, in just 5 simple steps, restore iPad from iCloud with Dr. Fone.

Recapitulating the process:

  1. Connect the iPad to Dr. Fone.
  2. Choose Mode 3 from the home screen of Dr. Fone.
  3. Select the right backup file with the help of relevant meta-information.
  4. Pick the data type for Dr. Fone to focus on.
  5. Allow the scan to complete, recovering the required data.


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