Restore iPhone from iCloud

How to Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup With Dr. Fone from Wondershare?

iCloud has been a recent addition to the iPhone family and it is the next generation of data storage facilitated by Apple. Before this cloud based backup platform came into existence, iPhone users had to rely on their iTunes account to keep their files and information safe.

The iCloud comes pre-configured from the iPhone 6 up to the current models. But where the older models are concerned, only the iPhone 5s can support iCloud if it is activated through a special process.

The iCloud is:

  • PC Free. It can be directly accessed from the iPhone and uses the power of the Internet to back files up to Apple’s servers.
  • Unique because it can store copies of songs and eBooks that are purchased through the iTunes store.
  • Supports back-ups of calendar appointments, contact history and emails. However it doesn’t store movies because the space per account is limited and any movie downloaded from the iTunes store can be re-accessed on it.

Dr. Fone from Wondershare is a data recovery application that is light weight and effective. It is capable of reinstating files and information to an iPhone device by downloading, extracting and scanning the contents of chosen iCloud backup containers. This tutorial is a breakdown of the process.

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Please Keep in Mind:

Restoration of information should be carried out as soon as data loss is detected. Even though files in the iCloud system stay relatively safe and do not face the risk of being over-written by app generated content, users might not be able to remember the details of the file that contains the required items if too much time passes from the backup taken.

Restore iPhone from iCloud Backup File

When users launch Dr. Fone, they encounter the home screen which has a dedicated menu with three options. Each option stands for a particular data recovery mode and the third one happens to be ‘Recover from iCloud Backup File’. The iCloud account is often crowded because it holds files from all the Apple devices owned by a user.

1.   Connect the iPhone to a PC or laptop with Dr. Fone installed on it. This is facilitated by the USB power cord provided by Apple.

2.   From the home screen choose the third option – Recover from iCloud Backup File.

3.   Input the iCloud login credentials that you are prompted to feed. Doing this allows Dr. Fone to access the information stored in Apple’s servers and provide you the options to trigger the scan.


4.   Choose the right iCloud backup file or container from the displayed list. Use meta-data like file name, size and date of creation to govern the selection. Click on the ‘Download’ button beside the desired backup file.


5.   A pop-up comes on from which you can select the data types that are relevant to your search. For example, if you are looking to retrieve some images that have special sentimental value, then tick only the Camera Roll and App Photos checkboxes. This prevents Dr. Fone from downloading videos and notes that are of no consequence and the extraction and recovery culminate much faster.


6.    Hitting ‘Next’ triggers the scan. There is a progress bar that notes the time to completion and the buttons ‘Stop’ and ‘Pause’ are right next to this bar. Stop terminates the scan before time. Pause halts it mid-way. The directory to the left has a number of nodes and each node corresponds to the data type you’ve chosen in Step 5.

7.    Upon scan completion, the display screen comes on. You can now look through the files at leisure, choose them in bulk or individually (based on your need and requirement), use the search bar to call up data by keyword or name and even use the On/Off slider to focus and view in one place all the deleted files of your chosen data type. The blue ‘Recover’ button becomes clickable as soon as the scan completes. Of the two options provided, hitting ‘Recover to Device’ reinstates information back to the connected device and choosing ‘Recover to Computer’ saves the files to the your computer that supports Dr. Fone.



The whole sequence should ideally take less than 5 minutes to run through. If a lot of data is to be retrieved, obviously more time will be needed. To recap the sequence how to restore iPhone from iCloud:

  • Connect the iPhone (that supports iCloud) to Dr. Fone
  • Input the iCloud login credentials
  • Choose the right iCloud backup file
  • Download, extract and scan the said file
  • Recover needed items to the iPhone or save the data to the PC/laptop hard disk.

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