Restore Trash on Mac

Worry no more if you have mistakenly emptied your Mac trash bin. You can still restore Trash on Mac given the right software. You can try Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery; this advanced recovery tool effectively does the job in a few clicks.

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However, you must act quickly because those deleted files may be overwritten. Do note that once files are emptied from trash, they are inaccessible but they remain intact and are still sitting on the hard drive until other files overwrite them. We’ll have greater chances of restoring important files we have accidentally cleared from our Mac’s trash if we perform data recovery right away.

The first thing you need to do is to download the software. Afterwhich, just follow the easy steps outlined below.

STEP 1. Move Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery over to the Applications folder. Click on the image then drag.


STEP 2. From the Applications folder, double-click the software to launch it and then select ‘Recover Data’ to get started.


STEP 3.  There are five recovery options to choose from:

  • Drive Recovery
  • Photo Recovery
  • CD/DVD Recovery
  • iPod Recovery
  • Raw Recovery


‘Drive Recovery’ must be selected since we are going to restore trash from our drive that we have emptied.


Click ‘Deleted Recovery’ for the scan method. This is because we are trying to retrieve files that were deleted.

STEP 4. Select from which drive the software will scan and look for the deleted files. After choosing, hit the blue ‘Scan’ button found at the lower right.


STEP 5. The software will begin to scan your hard drive. You can see its progress as shown here.


STEP 6. Scanning is done! Your deleted files are shown in this window. You have the option how you would view it. In the Classic List, deleted files are listed as they are found on your hard drive. For File List, they are arranged according to file types (video, photo, applications, etc.) for easier viewing, and Filter List will show files according to the preference you’ve set. You can also use the search bar found at the upper right to look for a specific file.

Once you have found the file/s you wish to restore, just click ‘Recover’ to retrieve them. You can highlight multiple files at once. If you’re not sure which one yet, you can always select ‘QuickLook’ to preview it first.


And you’re all set! This recovery software makes it possible to restore deleted Mac files even if you have completely emptied the trash or have clicked ‘Command+Shift+Option+Delete’. Moreover, it is very easy to use with its simple graphical user interface. Do try it now before your important file gets overwritten. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recover will bring your lost data back to life.



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