Undelete Your Recycle Bin

Have a Sudden Need to Undelete Your Recycle Bin?


Ever emptied your recycle bin and then found out an important file was removed as well? It has happened to all of us at least once. However, it is critical to understand that the data is not actually gone forever. The Windows operating system accesses a lookup table to determine the location of files, open them, and save any changes. This table contains the physical storage location of each file on your local hard drive.


When something is removed from your recycle bin, the address used by the operating system to find and open it is deleted. Windows cannot find its physical storage address and therefore cannot display or open the file. It is not actually gone because files remain on the drive until new data is placed on the physical sector where the old data is stored. In order to locate the data and save or access it, you need a recovery software capable of this process. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition is a program designed for this specific task.


Recovery software essentially scans the drive to locate any retrievable information, whether deleted or lost on the drive. With Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery, you can scan one or more volumes to locate files removed via the recycle bin. It is also possible to scan multiple volumes and recover data. The utility provides these additional features:

  • Complete drive recovery
  • Scan corrupted or formatted drives
  • Make custom recovery selections
  • Preview scan data
  • Scan NTFS, FAT, or ExFAT file systems
  • Recover data from external storage


With Windows Data Recovery, you can scan one or more volumes on the drive, preview the results, and then choose what data is retrieved. It is also possible to restore the system recycle bin file or to simply regain any items accidentally removed from it. To start using this recovery software, you will need to install the appropriate version on your computer and open it before following this tutorial.


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Getting Your Recycle Bin Items Back


Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery can be used to regain your actual recycle bin or to recover any accidentally removed files. Once the application has been installed, all you need to do is open it and follow the steps below.


Step 1: Select the C:\ Volume. For Windows computers, the recycle bin and files emptied from it are stored on the C:\ drive. This means you will need to select this volume for scanning. To do so, click on the volume in the list below Drive Recovery and it will be highlighted in blue to show the selection.



Step 2: Scan for Recycle Bin Files. Next, choose the scan type in the right panel. This panel will appear after a volume has been selected for drive recovery. For recycle bin files, simply leave Normal Scan selected and then click on Scan Now.



Wait for Windows Data Recovery to complete the scan. This process takes a few minutes and its progress can be viewed on the right of the utility. The red circle and X can be used to abort the scan when needed.



Step 3: Choose the Recycle Bin or Files. A Classic View is provided as the default organization for scan results. If you need to recover the recycle bin itself, then choose this file in the list within the bottom right of the utility: $RECYCLE BIN. Tick the checkbox to select it and then click on the floppy disk icon to finish the recovery.



To undelete your recycle bin or individually recover items emptied from the recycle bin, first click on the File Type List tab above the tree view. This will organize the scan results by type and format to make finding the required files simple.


Here you can choose to retrieve everything on the scanned drive or make custom file selections. A checkbox resides next to File Type(s) at the top of the tree view. Tick this box if you wish to recover everything.



On the left of the utility, you will see folders for several file types, which can be selected or expanded. A checkmark next to a type like Video indicates all files for that type have been chosen. If you click on a folder, it will expand to show additional folders for available formats. Tick the checkbox next to each type or format you want to recover.



For recycle bin files, you will most likely need to track down one or more individual items. To do so, click on a type and format in the tree view. The files will be displayed on the right of the utility.


Here you can locate the file(s) and select them by ticking their corresponding checkbox. For example, if you expand Graphics & Photos and then click on gif, individual image files may be chosen for recovery.



Certain files can be previewed within the pane at the top right of the window when viewing scan results. To view a file, click on its name in the list on the right and it will appear in the preview pane. Not all types though can be previewed in this pane.


Step 4: Recover Your Emptied Recycle Bin. Once all selections have been made, you will be able to click on the Recover icon. This is the red floppy disk at the bottom right of the utility window. Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition will prompt you to choose a save location. Once this is done, the files will be retrieved to that location on your computer.



An emptied or lost recycled bin is not a big issue when you have Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery – Home Edition. Simply install the utility on your Windows computer, open it, and then complete these steps:


1.    Select the C:\ volume.

2.    Scan for recycle bin files.

3.    Choose the recycle bin or individual files.

4.    Recover your emptied recycle bin.

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